January 13, 2015
A Chi 100% Natural Coconut Milk Breakfast

Love your Chi 100% Natural Coconut Milk? Well us too! What’s not to love? It can be used in all the same ways as dairy milk but has loads of added health benefits like being naturally high in ‘good fats’ and containing fibre, protein, potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorous.

Breakfast is one of our favourite times to tuck into our Coconut Milk. We love adding it to cereal, hot drinks, porridge and of course, smoothies.

We had a team breakfast at the office this morning and this is what we whipped up…

Coconut Porridge with Baobab, Chia Seeds and Goji berries


40g of gluten free porridge oats

100ml Chi Coconut Milk

1 tsp of baobab

1 tsp of goji berries

1 tsp of chia seeds

Place the porridge oats and Chi Coconut Milk in a pan and simmer over heat until you have the consistency you want. Make sure you stir it regularly. When you have the thickness you want take off the heat and pour into a bowl. Top with the baobab, goji berries and chia seeds.

Coconut, Kale and Blueberry Smoothie

1 small glass of Chi Coconut Milk

1 banana, chopped

1 handful of kale

1 handful of blueberries

Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.


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