July 18, 2012
Best coconut water – CHI review on Miss ECO Glam

A great review from the fabulous Miss Eco Glam.  I also highly recommend Anna’s site for all things natural and wonderful and healthy. And a beautifully designed site too.

Here it is, reprinted:

After searching for a high quality almost good as the real thing Coconut Water – Here it is! CHI coconut water!

I have been lucky enough to try real coconut water, straight from a wild coconut. In Costa Rica, they were everywhere, on the edge of the sand near the oceans, just free for anyone to take.  I drank them regularly and also have tried coconut water a few times back in Australia.  Having pure coconut water from a young green coconut, is pretty unforgettable. There is no other drink quite like it and the health benefits are phenomenal.
Now that Coconut water is so fashionable, and with so many brands on the market, are they all to be trusted? Are they all the same? Are they what they claim to be?

If any of you read my previous review of the ridiculously bad brand called zicco, you will know that nope, some of them can be terrible quality.  And, I found out today not only do some have added sugar to them, (which is crazy as coconuts are naturally sweet!) but bleach can be used as well in the production of the coconuts. YUCK!

I am very excited to tell you about this new brand I have just come across called CHI.  Not only is the website absolutely stunning, what is inside will not disappoint, nor has it made any claims that are not true. It is simply 100% Coconut water, nothing removed and nothing added and comes from a coconut plantation in Thailand.

Jonathan Newman is the CEO and founder of CHI. He was on holiday in Thailand a few years ago and had the opportunity of trying some fresh coconuts and drank up to five every day whilst he was there (who wouldn’t when they are literally dropped all over the beach!).  Jonathan felt so much healthier, much more energy and clear headed. He was hooked!  He couldn’t forget the taste of the those fresh coconuts and searched high and low for a brand he could purchase back here in the UK that reminded him of the real coconuts. Whilst there were quite a few brands to choose from, none really lived up to the memory of the ones he had in Thailand. And, after doing some investigation, he discovered that so many of the coconut waters, were making false claims and were just not good quality.

It got him thinking that he could produce a much better quality coconut water and set out to make this thought come true.  Fast forward a few years later, and CHI is about to become one of the most popular coconut waters around. Why? Well it just tastes out of this world! The closest taste possible to the real thing! In blind taste tests where CHI was lined up next to other brands, CHI always came out as the most enjoyed!

I was sent a case today (Lucky meeee!) and opened it straight away, and after the first taste I knew it was the best I had ever tasted.  The after taste is like that of a fresh coconut and its sweet, but, not in a sickly sweet fake way.  I gave some to my friend that was here and he said its the best he had ever tried, as well as my husband, and my little dog coco lapped it up too. And, I also gave a bit to Lola who absolutely went nuts for it! I have to be careful as she might go off my milk!

I don’t think my case of Coconut waters is going to last long in my house, there are three adults here who love it, but I am very pleased to see that it comes in two sizes, a small size is 330mls (thats the carton I have) and housed in a high quality tetra pack. These can be recycled too.  The large size is 1 litre (tetra packed too) and you can purchase also in a carton of 12 (12 litres of bliss!) in it.  This is the one I recommend because you will just want to have it available at all times and a 12 pack of this size is going to make sure you have coconut water all month long. Or longer if you can refrain yourself from drinking all of them! If you have kids and want them to go to school with something healthy rather than them drinking sugary juices, then you can purchase the carton of 330 mls ones.

Jonathan is a pretty cool guy by the way, he is a film director, traveling the world to exotic places and meeting some pretty fascinating people.  He has directed Aussie superstars Sam Neil and Toni Collette to name a few in his movies and CHI now has a celebrity following.  Jonathan has made sure that despite leading a pretty glamorous life, the profits from CHI is going to good use.  He has created One Seed One Life  – which provides some of the most poor orphanages with food, clothing, medical help, Doctors and education.  85% of the charity money goes to these orphanages.  Thailand is still recovering after that awful Tsumani a few years ago, so in much need of help like this.

I can’t speak more highly of CHI coconut water, it’s just so yummy, beautifully packaged, ethically sourced, and your purchase also goes to something good.  Whats not to love?

For info on where you can purchase please ciick here!  You can purchase in the UK, Europe and Australia!

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