March 1, 2013
Chi Coconut Water – REVIEW

A lovely review of CHI COCONUT WATER courtesy of LUCY WRITES Blog

I’ve always wanted to try coconut water yet for some odd reason that I can only put down to living in Somerset…it just doesn’t seem to be in any supermarket here!? Slightly ridiculous with how much rubbish fills the shelves compared to the healthy nutritional values of this beverage. Coconut water surprised me, I couldn’t have expected a different taste and texture.
Coconut water has many benefits not only to your health but also beauty (skin care) just like your regular tap/bottled waters however this low fat drink contains very low calories, no cholesterol and more potassium than a banana. Calcium and magnesium are in there too, while it gets to work helping you rehydrate quicker, help digestion and work wonders on your immune system. One product celebrities have promoted correctly I think you’ll agree. Chi Coconut water in particular contains less natural sugar than other brands, with nearly four times as less in some cases! They also only use the sweetest of Thailand coconuts and win on the original name and packaging – Chi means life force while they must be the only brand not to include coco in their name nor a stockpile coconut image. Bravo.
I expected a clear liquid, that strongly tasted of very sweet coconuts, similar to juice drinks I’ve craved over the years however I couldn’t be any more wrong. The liquid itself is a milky white with a grey tinge with no coconut scent to linger. After my first few sips I definitely wasn’t won over but things changed. Half way through I started to feel refreshed and perfectly cool – I’ve been struggling to keep a temperature down all week thanks to the flu. Mixing the water has been a lot of fun and will carry on into the summer months whether it be smoothies or cocktails. Coconut water comes in handy when I’m cooking, I like my food hot and most my family struggle with the slightest kick. Though men assume they won’t like this drink despite not taking a single sip. You get used to the texture it’s only slightly thicker than regular water.

Coconut water will be down to personal taste, however if you hate coconut normally you may even surprise yourself when you try some. I can’t wait for those few days of summer us Brits get to pour this over lots of ice and dabble with making some cheeky afternoon cocktails. Chi Coconut Water retails for £1.69 per 330 ml carton or £18.49 per 12 330 ml cartons.  If you like it that much they even sell 12 litre cartonsfor £36.99, now that’s a lot of coconut water – or a slightly normal 1 litre carton for £3.49 from Natures Healthboxwho have a lovely Gluten Free section for me to browse too!

December 6, 2017
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