August 13, 2011
Coconut water drink

Chi “coconut water” drink available in the UK.

Drink “Coconut water” (also known as coconut juice) to balance and hydrate your system.

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“Coconut water drinks” come in many varieties. You may be looking for tender coconut water, fresh coconut water, pure coconut water, raw coconut water or organic coconut water.

For tender coconut water benefits please click here.

If you want to compare coconut water drinks, like zico coconut water, or one coconut water, or alternate coconut juice click here.

Amazing that some people searching for coconut juice search for this “cocoanut juice”! Or even “cocoanuts juice”. Some coconut drinks have added sugar. One coconut drink I know of is mixed with sugar and water. You can be sure that Chi coconut juice is a pure coconut juice drink.

December 6, 2017
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