July 15, 2014
Craving sugary snacks?

Lots of us crave sugar when we are stressed or tired, but it is important to remember that tucking into these sugary snacks is often counterproductive.

A recent study by YouGov has shown that nearly half of people say that they are more stressed than they were a year ago, with many of these people turning to sugary snacks and drinks for help.

Instead of giving into these cravings try swapping these snacks for a healthier choice; inevitably they will have a better effect on your body and mind. Here are our top five naturally sweet, healthy snacks that will keep you going:

  • On a hot day try making healthy ice lollies – mix Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water with berries. Place the mixture in a mould and freeze
  • Sip on a Chi dairy-free Chocolate Coconut Milk – a perfect alternative to a chocolate milkshake
  • Make a smoothie; try blending a glass of Chi Pure Coconut Water, a handful of spinach, a chopped banana, a green apple, a squeeze of lime and top with Chia seeds
  • Chop fresh mango and top with lime juice
  • Make a fruit salad; include all your favourite chopped fruit and have one of our fruity coconut waters on the side
December 6, 2017
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