November 18, 2014
The humble coconut

We often get asked about how we make all of our products from the humble coconut. It is hard to believe that so many amazing things can come from one fruit.

All of the coconuts we use for our drinks come from one region of Thailand and our oil comes from coconuts from Sri Lanka. Coconuts grow in many countries, but we have carefully selected ours due to their taste, we love the sweetness of the Thai coconuts, we think they make the best tasting coconut water in the whole world! Our oil is the best we have tasted too.

For our coconut water we simply extract the clear liquid in the centre of the young, green nam hom coconut. The coconuts have to be young as, as they age, the water is absorbed into the outer layer, creating the white flesh. This means that older coconuts have a lot less water in them. The young coconut is split open and the clear liquid is extracted. We then process it, package it up and then it’s over to you.

For the base of our coconut milks we combine water and coconut cream. This gives us a more fluid consistency, as coconut cream alone is very dense. The coconut cream is made from the grated meat of a brown coconut.  We then take this base and add additional ingredients like cocoa for our dairy free Chocolate Coconut Milk or coffee powder to create our Espresso Coconut Milk. We don’t add any flavouring to our 100% Natural Coconut Milk.

The coconut oil is taken from the kernel or meat of the older, brown coconuts. The flesh is extracted, dried and then cold-pressed. The Chi Coconut Oil is incredibly versatile and can be used for beauty, cooking, spreading and baking.

So there you go, this is how we get all these amazing products from the humble coconut!


December 6, 2017
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