November 4, 2013
Is Coconut Water the New Miracle Health Drink?

If coconut water was a ‘cure-all’ we are sure that many more people in the medical professions would be extolling its virtues and encouraging us all to be drinking it on a regular daily basis.

But just because they are not doesn’t mean that there isn’t some truth in the claims and that maybe you might benefit from picking up a few bottles or cartons of coconut water instead of your usual sugary drinks.

Trends recently saw a rise in the popularity and marketing of Coconut Water as the ‘new kid on the block’ in terms of health drinks and a quick search of the internet will reveal unlimited claims that the humble coconut contains the cure for a hangover, dehydration, aids weight-loss and even helps to boost immunity.Chi Coconut Water

But what does it taste like and will it really cure all?

Coconut water can be found inside young, green coconuts – and should not be confused with coconut milk which is made from the coconut flesh and contains about five times the calories of coconut water.

Naturally high in electrolytes – minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorous – which are vital to maintain normal function of our bodies and cells, coconut water is also low in fat, acidity and calories, making it a great alternative to many soft drinks and sugary fluid-replacement sports drinks that are currently available.

Drinking coconut water is certainly a good option if you like the taste – but for many it leaves more to be desired so they often opt for the higher fat, yet more palatable coconut milk.Chi Coconut Milk

We recently discovered ‘Chi’ and ‘Jax Coco’ who are not only producing great coconut water but also putting back into the coconut producing communities.

If you are looking for coconut water ‘to go’ then the makers at Chi can offer you a good range of drinks. Not only do they use Tetra Pak packaging, Chi are committed to helping the communities where they source their product, so a portion of every pack sale is donated to One Seed One Life, a charity providing help to children in the most dilapidated orphanages throughout Thailand.

Their coconut water has a much cleaner taste than others we have tried, virtually no calories (8kcal/100ml) and comes in a handy-sized carton, making it suitable to pop into your lunchbox, handbag or gym holdall.

For those who weren’t keen on the taste of coconut water Chi have created a chocolate coconut milk, but unlike other milks this is primarily made from water, with only 8% coconut cream added to the mix. By keeping down the cream the calories also get reduced (49kcal/100ml).

If you are not keen on the coconut water but looking for a healthier chocolate shake to satisfy your sweet tooth then you will find the Chi Chocolate Coconut Milk has a refreshing taste, light top notes and none of the heaviness associated with many milkshakes and chocolate drinks. For more information on the complete range visit

“A naturally isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolyte balance as we have in our blood… It’s the fluid of life.”

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