July 30, 2013
Positive Luxury Blue Butterfly

Chi is thrilled to have been awarded the BLUE BUTTERFLY from Positive Luxury.

here is the link to our brand page:


(excerpt taken from the POSITIVE LUXURY WEBSITE:)
The Blue Butterfly

Positive Luxury’s mission is to curate and champion an exclusive collection of stylish, responsible brands – creating the ultimate destination for people looking to live a more positive life.

Our vision is for a world where people and the environment prosper together – where companies and brands are part of the solution. We believe that the best way to promote positive living is to make it attractive, enjoyable and profitable for people, businesses and communities.

We know that when people have reliable information about the social and environmental efforts of brands and companies, they make informed decisions about the products they buy – and reward the brands they trust.

What is the Blue Butterfly – the Mark of Positive Living?

It is an interactive trust mark, a simple badge of honour that cuts through claims and counter claims to give people a simple truth. When you see the Blue Butterfly trust mark, you will instantly know how the company has made significant efforts towards bettering the community and the environment.

Why the blue butterfly? It’s an interesting story…

One of the most beautiful butterflies in the world – the Large Blue – was wiped out in the UK in the 1970s, thanks to new farming techniques and over-eager butterfly collectors.

In 1983, conservationists started importing the species from Sweden and, over time, successfully reestablished the Large Blue – the most successful insect reintroduction programme in the world.

It wasn’t easy – 23 different organisations had a part to play, from Oxford University to the National Trust – but there are now tens of thousands of Large Blues fluttering across the south west of England, in what Sir David Attenborough calls a ‘remarkable success story, illustrating the power of ecological research to reverse damaging environmental changes’.

The moral of the story?

We believe we can all play a part in reversing environmental damage, and that making more informed choices about the brands we choose to buy can help us each to create our own blue butterfly story. In other words you get to look good and live well without changing your habits – you just have to know where to shop. And we’re doing that bit for you.

All you have to do is look for the Butterfly.


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