December 3, 2014
How to stay healthy over the festive season

We all have the best intentions but it can be hard to stay healthy over the festive season. With lots of parties to attend and friends to catch up with, often you are left feeling tired and sluggish.

There are a few simple things you can do to help you feel your best and to try to avoid over-indulging this Christmas. Here our are top tips:

Stay hydrated. Often the amount of liquid we drink decreases in the colder winter months. Make sure you have plenty to drink before you head out in the evening or the day after a night out. Try and drink six to eight glasses of water or enjoy your favourite Chi. If you fancy something more warming have a herbal tea but try not to drink too many caffeinated teas and coffees, they do count towards your daily quota but you don’t want them to be all of your quota!

Have a healthy snack before heading out. Filling up on lots of canapés at a party can end up meaning that you eat a lot more than you intended to. So instead, try having a healthy snack before you head out to avoid nibbling. Enjoy a fruit salad, some carrot sticks with hummus or a plain yoghurt. This also means you are avoiding drinking on an empty stomach.

Eat a balanced diet. In the cold weather it is easy to want to eat stodgy foods, but make sure you have a balanced diet. Don’t ditch the fruit and vegetables in favour of carb heavy foods. There are some delicious fruit and vegetables in season over Christmas, like apples, beetroot, clementine, leeks, pears and sweet potatoes. Try making a vegetable soup or a warming winter salad with roasted vegetables cooked in Chi Coconut Oil.

Enjoy yourself this festive season – and try to stay healthy and happy!

December 6, 2017
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