August 6, 2014
How to stay healthy on your summer holiday

Everyone looks forward to their summer holiday, the sun, the sea and the lovely food.  But it can be hard to stay healthy whilst away from home.  The Chi team has put together their top tips on how to stay feeling your best whilst away.

  • When you are flying your taste buds tend to become duller so airplane food is packed full of salt and other flavourings.  Try bringing your own drinks and snacks for the flight like fruit, raw snack bars and coconut water
  • If you are visiting a new city try exploring it by foot rather than taking lots of public transport or taxis.  Or perhaps hire a bike so you can enjoy sight seeing in a totally different way
  • Your skin and hair can get dry and damaged when you are in the sun, pool or sea.  Pack some Chi Coconut Oil in your suitcase to keep your skin and hair hydrated.  Rub a small amount into your skin after your shower and apply to hair as a deep conditioner and to control frizz!
  • Remember to stay hydrated, as it’s easy to get dehydrated when you are lying in the sun.  Make sure you keep your fluids up by sipping on your Chi Coconut Water
  • Integrate exercise into your day like swimming in the hotel pool, or perhaps try something new like learn to surf, go horse-riding or hire mountain bikes to explore


December 6, 2017
Things To Do In London In December 2017!

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