November 4, 2014
How to stay motivated this winter

With the weather getting colder and it becoming darker earlier on it is hard to stay motivated to do exercise during winter.  Most of the time the idea of staying at home in the warm is much more appealing!  That’s why we have decided to put together some top tips on how to stay motivated this winter.

  • Try a different type of exercise. Doing the same routine over and over again can become boring and mean that you lose motivation. Why not try signing up to a new yoga or boxing class?  Our friends at Frame and Gym Box do all kinds of interesting classes
  • Make sure you are eating the right foods.  You can feel sluggish and sleepy during the long dark evenings so make sure you are eating foods to keep you energised and ready to head to the gym.  Eat plenty of protein and lots of fruit and vegetables. Stay hydrated too with your favourite Chi
  • Focus on how your body feels during and after a work out. Notice how your breathing changes, the strength you feel and of course the sense of achievement after finishing a hard class, use these positive thoughts to stay motivated!
  • Set yourself new goals to hit this winter. Try increasing your weights or aim for a new distance during your cardio session.  If you find yourself getting bored during cardio then try a different machine, swap the rowing machine for the bike or change from the treadmill to the cross-trainer.  Or you can always compile a great new playlist!
  • Of course, if you really can’t face going out then the home can be a great place to work out too. Try a new work out DVD in your living room, lift weights or relax after a hard day at work with some yoga and meditation
December 6, 2017
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