October 12, 2017
Health Benefits Of Smoothies + Strawberry Smoothie Recipe!


Why do so many people consume healthy smoothies on a regular basis? We have our own reasons, but we thought it would be fun and helpful for others to collect all the populair reasons into one spot. After you read this we think you’ll be convinced that developing the habit of making healthy smoothies on a daily basis is an excellent investment of your time and money!

The 10 Reasons to Consume Healthy Smoothies

  1. Get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables.
  2. It’s quick and easy to make
  3. Kids will like smoothies.
  4. Easier weight loss
  5. Improved digestion
  6. Delicious with your own favourite fruits
  7. Brain boost
  8. Happiness
  9. Reach your own personal health goals
  10. Strengthens your immune system                      


Strawberry Smoothie Recipe!

A great smoothie for any time of the day! If you’re not already a fan of strawberries, you should be. Not only are they juicy, summery and delicious, they’re a bona fide superfood, too. Nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants (Like Vitamin C ) which promotes your eye health. Strawberry helps fighting cancer and it keep wrinkles at bay!

Here you have a few reasons you should add more strawberries to your smoothies! They are therefore a brilliant addition to your morning smoothie!

The ingredients you will need:


  1. Grind the Giving Tree Strawberry Crisps in your spice grinder , like a fine strawberry powder. Make sure to have one tablespoon of strawberry powder. freeze-dried-strawberries1-1024x1024
  2. Put all ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. Add the liquids first this makes blending much easier!



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