CHI Coconut Water launches
in UK and Australia

Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water

London, UK, Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) 10 November, 2011 – – It is the latest craze, and celebrities like Madonna and Rihanna have been queuing up to drink it. In case you have had your head buried in the ground, we’re talking about coconut water. Joining this fast growing category in both the UK and Australia is newcomer CHI (which means Life Force).  Packed in both 330ml and 1 litre tetra packs,  Chi is 100%  pure and natural with no added ingredients, no added sugar, is fat free and low calorie.  The health benefits of coconut water are numerous. It hydrates the body quicker than water due to the high ‘electrolyte content’, making it a favourite drink for athletes, yoga practitioners and slimmers alike. Even celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow use coconut water to aid in slimming as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Chi Coconut Water is the brainchild of entrepreneur Jonathan Newman. “I became passionate about coconut water when I was in Thailand on honeymoon, and used to drink five or six raw coconuts a day. I noticed how good I felt, how my fatigue and blurry eyes got better, and of course how tasty it was,” commented Newman. “When I got back to the UK I started looking at packaged coconut juice drinks, just as a consumer. I couldn’t find one that I particularly liked. Most of the big American brands used Brazilian coconuts, which taste quite bitter. They all seemed to have a bit of an aftertaste. Yet people just drank it because of the nutritional benefits, even though they didn’t necessary like it. I just thought there is room to do so much better.”

Chi 100% Coconut Water

After raising the initial seed capital necessary to finance the development, Newman headed back to Thailand and drove around the country visiting plantations, meeting farmers, and buying coconut water from streets in every region. “There, on a little street in the middle of nowhere, we found the sweetest coconut water we have ever tasted,” comments Newman. “It was fantastic. We quickly went and met the owners of the plantation, and felt certain we had a product that differentiated itself from every other coconut water on the market.”

With big players like Vita Coco, Zico and One accounting for most of the US market share, Chi Coconut Water is already making inroads into the market. “I feel confident we have a unique proposition,” says Newman. “We excel in taste, packaging and nutritional content. Our 330ml is currently the only tetrapak on the market to feature the new Dreamcap opening. People want premium quality at an affordable price and that’s what Chi offers.”

Ioan Gruffudd & Alice EvansWith stunning packaging and a naturally sweeter taste, Chi Coconut Water is taking the market by storm and already boasts an impressive following, with celebs such as Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four, The Ringer) and wife Alice Evans (Vampire Diaries) counting themselves as hardcore fans. “As keen yoga enthusiasts, Chi Coconut Water is just what we need to rehydrate and balance our bodies quickly.” Comments Gruffudd.

Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer FinniganIt seems coconut juice drinks hit a chord with athletes and celebs alike who lead active lifestyles. Tennis player John Isner drinks coconut water during his tennis matches for the high potassium count (double that of a banana). Other celeb fans of CHI Coconut Water include cult film star Jonathan Silverman (Weekend At Bernies) and wife Jennifer Finnigan (Better With You). “I’ve tried every coconut water on the market, and trust me, I’m fussy. Chi is by far the best we’ve had.” comments Silverman and his wife.

Melissa GeorgeLaunching simultaneously in Australia as well as the UK, Aussie beauty Melissa George (In Treatment, Triangle) comments, “I love it, love it, love it. I lead a hectic lifestyle and Chi is perfect as the natural boost I need. Plus it’s tasty, fat free and low calorie. What more could you ask for?”  Melissa, who first made her name in Home & Away (and who can forget the ‘Hot Nanny’ in friends) is making waves across the globe for her riveting performances.

Coconut water really is nature’s miracle fruit,” comments Newman. “Research suggests that cytokinins in coco water showed significant anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombosis effects. The enzymes aid in digestions and help promote a healthy metabolism. It’s even known to help eradicate eczema.”

“Not to be confused with coconut milk, which is made from pressing the meat of the coconut, Coconut Water is the clear sterile liquid found inside the coconut,” says Newman. “It’s sterile quality makes it ideal as an alternative to inject intravenously where medical saline is unavailable in developing countries.”

One Seed One Life Chi CharityIf that’s not enough, Chi has also partnered with the charity “One Seed, One Life”. A portion of every pack sale goes to helping children in the most dilapidated orphanages throughout Thailand. “Having personally visited these orphanages, it’s a wonderful opportunity for our company to help children that have no home, no family and are born into poverty,” comments Newman. “It is something we believe in quite passionately.”

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