September 14, 2017
Chi 100% Raw Coconut Oil using for cleaning.

Just another reason to love our Chi 100% Raw Coconut Oil- It functions as a leather conditioner/cleanser.

We know a lot of people who wear leather shoes and inquire about leather boot care or people with leather furniture, so we compiled this guide for you, with the primary tool being as simple as one of our favorites:

100% Chi Raw Coconut Oil.

New_Oil (Improvised)

For your leather shoes.

The key to maintain leather shoes or even furniture is to periodically replenish the natural oils that repel moisture. Most people don’t have flaxseed oil, so therefore you can also condition leather with Coconut Oil; it is hypoallergenic and won’t spoil.

First, clean the leather using vinegar and water. Then, rub the Coconut Oil with a soft rag. To avoid excess absorption, the leather should be at room temperature, and the only heat should be come from your hands and the friction created by the movement of the cloth.

Restore dried-out leather

Have your sofa or leather jacket seen better days? Breathe some life back into dried-out leather by wiping the surface with a damp cloth and then rubbing on some coconut oil with a soft cloth. Wipe off any excess oil with a clean cloth and marvel at the transformation

To polish wood.

If you want to polish wood with Coconut Oil you need to drop a spoonful of Coconut Oil onto the wood, now rub it in with circular motions with an old t-shirt. After five minutes rub any excess oil off with a towel. Let your furniture dry and see how your wooden furniture is glowing again!



Using these tips and just a little of that fabulous coconut oil, you can make your own natural home cleaning products in no time. And not a harsh chemical in sight. Feel free to use this method with our Chi 100% Raw Coconut Oil for amazing results!


December 6, 2017
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